“The hallmark of our organization is its passion for the personalized approach to the asset planning process. No one situation is the same, therefore, no one solution applies.”

-David Wall, Founder & President

Services We Provide

Wall & Associates provides a full range of professional institutional investment advisory and consulting services. Working with our clients, we develop an overall plan for the administration and management of plan assets. We work closely with the client to implement the strategies developed for the plan, and monitor the performance of the plan to measure the progress toward the stated goals and objectives. We will:

Provide trustees with objective information on a broad spectrum of investment decisions. Assist in evaluating the merits of each investment product and money manager, with respect to track record, expenses, management style, and quality

Conduct manager searches as requested by the Board of Trustees, including the responsibility of issuing all requests for proposals, review of said proposals, and attendance at all necessary meetings to interview prospective money managers

Assist in the selection of a custodian for the safekeeping of plan assets, issuing all necessary proposals, review of said proposals and attendance at all necessary meetings to interview prospective custodians

Evaluate and monitor expenses associated with the administration of and management of the plan

Review and develop investment policy guidelines including, but not limited to, asset class choices, asset allocation targets, and risk diversification

Ensure compliance with the stated investment policy, and when appropriate, state statute

Provide quarterly reports summarizing the value of plan assets, current asset allocation, and risk associated with the plan. Additionally, manager and aggregate plan performance reports are prepared. These reports illustrate performance relative to the appropriate Capital Market Index. Peer group comparisons are also provided for plans that retain separate account managers

Our Resources

Our research capabilities rival many of the larger Wall Street firms who provide institutional advisory services. Many of the resources we use, as described below, are the very same resources utilized by the large wire houses.

Morningstar Direct Database

We utilize the Morningstar Direct manager database. The Direct Database delivers the largest separate account database, as well as the tools to search, analyze, and display meaningful manager search results. This database allows us to:
  • Search through over 12,000 domestic, global, and international investment products
  • Access over 75 quantitative and qualitative statistics, allowing us to analyze any situation or investment product
  • Access over 200 pre-defined manager universes
  • Create our own customized manager universes
  • Evaluate data for both fixed income and equity separately managed accounts, collectively managed accounts, exchange traded funds (ETF’s), mutual funds, and alternatives.
  • Create manager or index blends allowing us to analyze the correlations, risk, and returns of those custom blends

Morningstar Office Portfolio Accounting and Performance Measurement

Morningstar OfficeSM is a complete practice and portfolio management system. It features robust portfolio management and performance reporting, advanced research capabilities, and sophisticated investment planning. We are able to access more than 325,000 investments such as mutual funds, stocks, variable insurance products, exchange-traded funds, closed end funds, 529 funds, separate accounts. Bond research is also available from Interactive Data Corporation, a premier provider of fixed-income information. Proprietary Morningstar analytics and analyst reports are also available for stocks and funds.

Ned Davis Research

NDR is an independent financial research firm providing unbiased investment research and investment management to global institutional investors. NDR’s uncommon research and analysis culminates in a wide variety of institutional investors’ tools to help clients understand the macro environment and develop asset allocation strategies. Since 1980, NDR has worked with some of the world’s largest investment managers to provide a full range of sophisticated analytical tools, a high level of data integrity for a wide range of investment firms including:
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Mutual funds
  • Equity research departments
  • Pension and endowment funds
  • Registered investment advisors
From NDR-developed data series to data from over 200 data vendors, institutional clients have access to more than 10 million data series and 10,000 visually rich charts and graphs.

Charles Schwab & Company

As an Institutional Independent Investment Advisory firm working with Charles Schwab & Company, we have access to both macroeconomic and current capital market research from several premier research firms including Argus, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, and Potomac Research.

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