A division of Wall & Associates

This new entity is leveraging our long and vast experience of managing assets for over two decades in order to directly help individuals and families plan for the future. Working one-on-one,  we will develop a comprehensive strategy where all components; financial planning, investment management, and monitoring your progress toward established goals and objectives, work together. The result is a totally customized and fully integrated wealth management solution.

Personalized Financial Planning

There are many issues and challenges that should be addressed in the financial planning process, such as:

Examining current and future cash flow needs

Addressing philanthropic or strategic charitable goals

Establishing specific financial goals i.e. retirement, college savings

Minimizing current and future tax liabilities

Creating and maintaining appropriate estate planning documents, i.e. wills, trusts

Protecting your net worth with the appropriate life, health, disability and long term care insurance coverage

Designing and implementing a specific plan to reach the stated goals

Customized Investment Management Services

By identifying your specific financial goals, tolerance for risk, investment time horizon, tax situation, anticipated lifestyle changes and life cycle events, we will manage a portfolio of exchange traded funds designed to meet the following objectives:

Maximize return within appropriate risk parameters

Control for risk through global diversification using multiple asset classes

Enhance returns through disciplined tactical rebalancing and strict cost controls

Create and preserve wealth by minimizing taxes

Monitoring Your Progress

A very important part of wealth management is monitoring your progress toward your stated goals and objectives. Quarterly reports are reviewed and provided for this purpose. We are available to meet with you to discuss your report and give details about the investment returns, holdings, asset allocations, and risk associated with the portfolio.

This unique service is made available because we care

Clients are far more likely to achieve their financial goals if the planning and management is comprehensive and fully integrated. This achievement begins with Wall Wealth Advisors. Business owners, senior executives, and individuals alike have long recognized our commitment to their success. They appreciate that we do not offer an ordinary approach to problem solving. Instead, our professionals gather data, analyze information, and thoughtfully consider and review the appropriate solutions that reflect each client’s unique set of circumstances.

We are passionate about our reputation,
our value proposition, our mission, our clients, and their success.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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